A collection of Open Source projects we have released:


A Ruby on Rails Engine plugin that makes it easy to add filtering, searching, and sorting to your ActiveRecord lists.

Rails data explorer

A Ruby on Rails engine plugin for exploring data in your app with charts and statistics.


A toolsuite for large-scale content collaboration & publishing. Based on git and markdown.

Ruby on Rails recipes

A collection of recipes for solid Ruby on Rails applications. Extracted from dozens of production apps and 10,000+ hours of deliberate Ruby on Rails practice since 2005.


Execute Ruby code in different Ruby environments. It lets you for example call JRuby code from MRI. It relies on rbenv or RVM to manage the Ruby runtime environment.

Ruby Restricted Boltzmann Machine (RBM)

A Ruby port of Ed Chen’s Python RBM implementation.

Source and documentation on github

JS Finite State Machine

A simple Javascript statemachine. Great for managing UI state.

Source and documentation on github

Strftime cheat sheet

A cheat sheet that is optimized for defining stftime formats when displaying dates and times.

Software Engineering Guide

A collection of non-technical best practices in software development: git messages, writing emails, writing technical documentation, etc.

Undo manager

undo-manager makes it easy to add undo/redo functionality to a Ruby (on Rails) app. It uses the command pattern to do so.

Needleman Wunsch Aligner

Find the optimal alignment of two sequences of Ruby Objects.

Tetris re-frame

A browser based Tetris game implemented in ClojureScript using the re-frame application pattern.

Handdrawn for RaphaelJS

A RaphaelJS plugin to give your vector graphics a hand drawn style. Great for sketch diagrams, charts and illustrations.