We design, develop and maintain ambitious online software systems. We cover the full-stack from highly usable frontend apps to powerful back-end server software and everything in between. We are a global company, working with clients in North America and Europe.

Jo Hund
Hi there, I’m Jo Hund

I started professional software development in 1998 and founded ClearCove Software Inc. in 2006. Outside of work I enjoy outdoor pursuits (hiking, trail running and open water rowing) and gardening. I live with my family in the beautiful Comox Valley on Vancouver Island, Canada.

Jo Hund, founder of ClearCove Software, Inc.

We offer the following services:

  • Software architecture and development
  • Hosting and deployment management
  • Software maintenance
  • Technical support
  • Performance optimization
  • Project management
  • Code reviews


We are privileged to work with fantastic commercial, non-profit, and government clients in North America and Europe. Below is a selection of projects we have developed and continue to support:

  • Marketing automation - web scraping, information extraction, advanced search, machine learning.
  • Condo board/Strata council management - communications, document management, scheduling, issue tracking.
  • Publishing automation – document management, conversion, and validation.
  • Online training – courseware authoring, registration and training facilitation.
  • Conference management – registration, reporting, and workflow automation.
  • Online Questionbank – allows publishing staff to author questions, and teachers to find, edit and compile questions into student practice tests.
  • Government financial reporting – legacy data import, ongoing data import, report generation.
  • Online cooking school – registration, content delivery, data management.
  • Various custom ecommerce applications (music, digital documents, video subscriptions, etc.)

Quick facts

  • Location: Comox, Vancouver Island, BC, Canada
  • Languages: English and German
  • Timezone: Pacific Time
  • Founded: 2006


Below is a list of our current technology preferences:

Front end:

  • ClojureScript/re-frame/react
  • HTML/CSS/Javascript
  • React Native


  • Ruby and Ruby on Rails/Puma/Sidekiq
  • Nginx
  • Nodejs
  • Clojure
  • Linux

Systems integration:

  • Payment processing
  • Email sending
  • Server monitoring
  • Social media APIs
  • PDF creation
  • RSS and ATOM feeds
  • OAuth
  • Analytics
  • Custom APIs


  • PostgreSQL
  • Redis
  • Elasticsearch
  • Lucene
  • git


  • Functional programming, object oriented programming.
  • Parsing
  • Natural language processing
  • Machine learning
  • Regular expressions
  • Internationalization: Unicode, localization, utf8, timezones, fonts.
  • Dynamic programming
  • Neural networks
  • Diff-match-patch


  • Sublime Text
  • git
  • Command line terminal
  • macOS
  • Whiteboard/hammock/gardening/running