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Dec 13, 2016

PlantUML is a tool that allows you to create all kinds of UML diagrams from plain text. I am particularly interested in StateCharts.

Below is an example statechart diagram and the related source code:

PlantUML example state chart

title Simple Orthogonal Composite State Model
[*] --> NeilDiamond
state NeilDiamond 

state "Neil Diamond Onstage" as NeilDiamond {
  state Dancing
  state Singing
  state Smiling
  Dancing --> Singing
  Singing --> Smiling
  Smiling --> Dancing

state NDoff
state "Neil Diamond in Dressing Room" as NDoff {
  state ThinkingAboutAmerica
  state WatchingGlee
  ThinkingAboutAmerica --> WatchingGlee
  WatchingGlee --> ThinkingAboutAmerica

NeilDiamond -Right-> NDoff : Walking
NDoff -Left-> NeilDiamond :Running


You can try PlantUML online at PlantText.