The Ruby on Rails and ClojureScript experts

May 4, 2013

The author suggest that our current conceptual model of software engineering, nightly builds and product architecture should probably be replaced with that of writing a novel:

The problem is that software isn’t built; it’s written. The final product is not like the Bay Bridge. It’s like a novel.

He suggests that the engineers are the authors and product managers are the editors. And then he makes another very striking point:

Perhaps most importantly, the authors and editors need to work together to determine when the novel is finished. Unlike a bridge, you never put in the last rivet and make the last weld. You can always revise a novel. The question is, will the novel be better or worse off for the change?

This analogy of writing a novel really resonates with my experience of creating software:

 Product development is an art, and not a science.

Link: Don’t build. Compose. — on startups — Medium via