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Apr 4, 2012

Interesting list from a HackerNews comment:

Other pieces of universal marketing truth, all of which are accurate/general enough to not be refuted:

  1. Ethos (your perceived character) is the most important, with regards to pathos (emotion) and logos (logic)
  2. People make judgments by comparison/anchoring.
  3. People process information best from stories.
  4. People are foremost interested in things that affect them.
  5. Breaking patterns gets attention.
  6. People look to other people’s decisions when making decisions.
  7. People will believe things more easily that fit their pre-existent mindset. The converse is also true.
  8. People handle one idea at a time best.
  9. People want more choices, but are happier with fewer.
  10. People decide first, then rationalize – If people are stuck with something, they will like it more over time.
  11. Experience is memory, the last part of the experience is weighted heavily.
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