A collection of Open Source projects we have released:


A Ruby on Rails Engine plugin that makes it easy to add filtering, searching, and sorting to your ActiveRecord lists.

Rails data explorer

A Ruby on Rails engine plugin for exploring data in your app with charts and statistics.


A toolsuite for large-scale content collaboration & publishing. Based on git and markdown.

Ruby on Rails recipes

A collection of recipes for solid Ruby on Rails applications. Extracted from dozens of production apps and 10,000+ hours of deliberate Ruby on Rails practice since 2005.

Handdrawn for RaphaelJS

A RaphaelJS plugin to give your vector graphics a hand drawn style. Great for sketch diagrams, charts and illustrations.

Ruby Restricted Boltzmann Machine (RBM)

A Ruby port of Ed Chen’s Python RBM implementation.

Source and documentation on github

JS Finite State Machine

A simple Javascript statemachine. Great for managing UI state.

Source and documentation on github

Strftime cheat sheet

A cheat sheet that is optimized for defining stftime formats when displaying dates and times.

Software Engineering Guide

A collection of non-technical best practices in software development: git messages, writing emails, writing technical documentation, etc.

Undo manager

undo-manager makes it easy to add undo/redo functionality to a Ruby (on Rails) app. It uses the command pattern to do so.

Needleman Wunsch Aligner

Find the optimal alignment of two sequences of Ruby Objects.

Tetris re-frame

A browser based Tetris game implemented in ClojureScript using the re-frame application pattern.