Jo Hund</p>
Outside of work, Jo is a husband, father, photographer, trail runner and open water rower. He lives in the beautiful Comox Valley on Vancouver Island, Canada.

Joachim (“Jo”) Hund is the founder of ClearCove Software, Inc. and co-founder and CTO of He is a senior full-stack software engineer with over 15 years of experience in designing and building profitable online systems for both startup and enterprise clients.

Jo’s programming language of choice is Ruby and the Ruby on Rails framework, however he also draws from his experience in Clojure, SmallTalk, C++, C, and Assembly to build performant and large-scale systems. In addition to his technical chops, Jo has a knack for bridging technology and the business side of software development.

Jo has a rich and diverse technical background spanning more than 20 years. Between obtaining a Mechatronics Engineering Degree in Germany, and before focussing on software development exclusively, Jo has worked on the following projects:

  • Design and manufacturing of sophisticated surveillance equipment, used by high profile law enforcement agencies. The system integrated satellite communications, night vision cameras, advanced sensors, battery powered custom Linux computers, solar power, and a web based control UI with online mapping and AJAX (years before it became popular under that term, and no, there were no sharks with lasers involved ;-).
  • Invention, manufacturing and marketing of innovative computer interface systems for people with disabilities.
  • Design and manufacture of an innovative control system for force feedback mouse, displayed at the Biennale Art Exhibition in Venice.
  • Circuit board design and manufacturing.
  • Development of embedded systems.
  • 3D mechanical CAD design and manufacturing.
  • Programming languages: Ruby, Clojure, SmallTalk, C++, C, Assembly, VHDL, all the way down to writing embedded boot loaders in Hex machine code (wow, that was a long time ago…).
  • Software development for embedded systems, MS Windows Desktop software, Web server software, Browser based apps, mobile apps.

With his friendly attitude, attention to detail, vast experience, and a German engineering degree Jo is well equipped to collaborate with his clients in building tools for managing information efficiently and accurately.